Other Side of the MIC - Daryl Shuttleworth!

Daryl Shuttleworth is a familiar voice to many in Southland, with a background in commercial radio, and as an award-winning speedway commentator. He's also the President at Riverside Speedway, a dad and a husband. At Radio Southland, he is the host of Live Life Live With Daryl Shuttleworth - revealing his life passion for live music & concert atmosphere with an hour every week of live, and only live music! Rach sits down with Daryl to find out more about his love of concerts, cars and commentary on this episode of Other Side of the MIC! Live Life Live now airs at 6pm on Fridays, with the replay at 6pm on Saturdays - you can also find it and previous episodes here on podcast - so don't miss your weekly live music hit!

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