Other Side of the MIC - Rafaella Melo!

Rafaella Melo is the host of Brazilian programme Conexão SulAmérica, and our Sponsorship & Marketing person here at Radio Southland.
Rafa (pronounced 'Hafa') began her career in journalism & broadcasting at home in Brazil - and moved to NZ with her husband to have a safe, secure life. She tells us about what it was like living in Brazil, what she misses now she is in NZ (hint - heat!), and her journey from being a new migrant with very little English to working in the NZ media industry. She is proud of representing her country here at Radio Southland, and providing representation for our local Brazilian migrant community!
Find out more about Rafa on this episode of Other Side of the MIC!
Conexao Sulamerica is a 1 hour show which airs each Friday at 10am, with a replay at 1pm on Wednesdays - and you can find podcasts of the show here!

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