Other Side Of The MIC - Peter Miller!

Other Side Of The MIC is back now we're in Level 2 - and the programme maker in studio this week is (drum-roll please!) 60's Sensations and Old Folks At Home host Peter Miller!

Peter has been the soundtrack of your Tuesday afternoons here at Radio Southland for many years, with hit show 60's Sensations from 12.30-2.30pm, and long-time favourite Old Folks At Home between 3-5pm!

Why is Peter so passionate about 60's music? It turns out he has quite the history as a drummer in the Southland and NZ music scene, and he shares some of his experiences with us. He explains his highly successful format change on 60's Sensations - it's all about capturing the favourite tunes of NZ musicians from the era. He also discusses the importance of familiar music for our elderly population, and why he hosts Old Folks At Home.

Peter's show 60's Sensations has a Facebook page he'd love to see you join, and you can access podcasts of the show here.

60's Sensations replays from 1-3pm on Saturdays, and Old Folks At Home replays from 7-9pm on Sundays - only on Radio Southland 96.4FM!

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