Other Side of the MIC - Tom Tutahione!



Tom Tutahione is Radio Southland's new production engineer! On this episode of Other Side of the MIC, Rach sits down with Tom to find out more about him - and his new show - Sounds of Southland!
Tom is from Taranaki and is Māori. He first worked in a few interesting trades, before turning his hand to audio production - studying at SIT. He's established quite the reputation locally for his skills - working at many gigs and producing Southland music.
Which leads on to his new show - Sounds of Southland - where he plays the newest, best and most interesting music to come from Southland talent - from back in the day to released yesterday.
You can tune into Sounds of Southland on Tuesdays at 8pm, with a replay on Thursdays at 2pm - you can also go here or the Access Media app for the podcast!

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