Other Side of the MIC - Mike Bailey!

Mike Bailey is the founder & co host of Space Oddities - NZ's only radio show for people interested in astronomy & the space industry. He's also the Vice President of the Southland Astronomical Society, with his involvement going back over a decade. When he's not staring at the night sky or watching rockets take off, he's an 'upper air technician' (weatherman) for 45°South Weather Services, contracted through the MetService. But don't blame him for the rain (or lack thereof)! Mike started Space Oddities in 2017, and it's morphed over the years from Mike & Kim (our Production Engineer at the time) to a family affair, with partner Rach (our Station Coordinator) co-hosting, and equally space-mad daughter Megan appearing as a special guest - asking the questions kids want to know about what goes on in the galaxy. Find out more interesting facts about Mike on this episode of Other Side of the MIC. Space Oddities airs on Mondays nights at 9.30pm on 96.4FM, and up at Coast Access Radio on Mondays at 5.30pm. You can also listen to Space Oddities on podcast here!


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