Other Side of the MIC - Ryan Isaacs!

Ryan Isaacs is the host of 'The Ryno Show' here at Radio Southland. Starting when he was 17 in 2017, Ryan began his show after a few years of helping us out at Kidzone Radio - a great starting point for youth programme makers. Ryan's now 21, and the proud owner of 2 motorbikes, a vintage van, and a house! His unique perspective on music for his age bracket sets his show apart - a millennial who loves piano-driven classic rock from the 70's & 80's. Ryan's carved out a career in the Southland hospo scene, and his work here at Radio Southland lead to a springboard to announcing for other community-based stations around NZ.

Find out more about Ryan on this episode of Other Side of the MIC - and if you love retro rock and the thoughts of an old soul in a young body - catch The Ryno Show on Mondays at 4pm, the replay on Wednesdays at 9pm. You can also binge listen to The Ryno Show at your own convenience on podcast here!

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