Other Side of the MIC episode 4 - Terry Toner!

Terry Toner is the host of 'The Book Show' on Radio Southland 96.4FM! Each Wednesday morning at 10am, he delights book-lovers everywhere with his NZ author 'book chat' interviews, and reviews of both NZ and international releases.

So what's the background of this master book reviewer? Turns out he loves more than books - he's also a massive fan of a certain British iconic band of the 60's, and is a self-described collecting 'addict'. His history in broadcasting also goes way back, with stints at a few local radio stations in Canterbury before moving south.

Terry's entire family is blessed with a creative bent, and a love for converting unusual buildings into lovely homes!

So find out more about Terry on the latest Other Side of the MIC (podcast here). And if you're a book addict, a writer, or a casual reader - get addicted to The Book Show! It sounds like there's a lot of you out there, as 'The Book Show' is one of our most popular podcasts! Those are available here - or tune in on Wednesdays at 10am, or the replay on Sundays at 5pm, on Radio Southland 96.4FM!

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