Radio Southland Programmes:

:::Weekday Mornings:::


The Crave Rave Breakfast broadcasts every weekday morning 7-9am with host Jake Topi. It’s a modern, cool & hip way to start the day with a cool mix of electronic, dance and hip-hop music, attitude and giveaways.

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community lawThe Southland Community Law Centre

Each month staff from the Southland Community Law Centre talks about everyday issues that affect you. Do you know what your rights are? Listen out from 9-9.15am on the first and third Monday of each month to keep up to date.


Manic Mondays at Radio Southland

Stacey Taylor & Brad Clarkson – they are one vivacious budding radio star with an optimistic outlook on life and a thirst for the interesting – that’s reflected in the varied range of subjects she talks about and the interviews she conducts, and one Southland muso with lots of energy, great perspective and a love of playing music live. No prizes for guessing they like their rock music – there’s an awesome playlist for you to enjoy each week. “Manic Mondays at Radio Southland” airs each week…funnily enough…on Mondays! Listen live from 10.30am-12pm or catch the repeat on Monday evenings from 8-9.30pm.

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Talking in Circles
Since the late 1970’s Southland artist and musician John Husband produced a daily comment piece, first for Radio New Zealand, and then on Foveaux Radio – which developed into his own long running talk show. Since retiring from radio in 2001, John has now returned to present a selection of his old scripts to show how much (or how little) has changed since the years they were first read. It’s a wonderful trip back in time, and though provoking too! “Talking in Circles” airs at 12.10pm and 5.10pm every Monday.


Sonidos Latinos

Sonidos Latinos is brought to you by Carlos, Adriana & Carolina – recent Colombian arrivals to our community! Carlos comes to us with lots of industry experience back home and they all bring their catchy enthusiasm and unique feel to their new home here. This show is in Spanish, and features South American music – but their energy reaches beyond language barriers. Tune in to Sonidos Latinos live on Mondays at 2pm, with a replay on Thursdays at 3pm. Check out their Facebook page for more info –


The Ryno Show

The eclectic reflections of Ryan Isaacs, a local 17 year old old soul, accompanied by some old school music! The Ryno Show airs on Mondays at 4pm.


The Awareness Project

The Awareness Project helps businesses increase their diversity and inclusion – think culture, gender, ability or age – through educational seminars, workshops, action plans & tailor made policies. The outcome is a business that is uniquely aware of employee strengths and needs – meaning EVERYONE feels included and happy while at work. Kate and Anna are the women behind The Awareness Project, and each month at 5.10pm on Mondays, they and Rachael discuss a different aspect of inclusive workplace practices.


Vision Southland

Hosted by Dr Liz Craig, Labour List MP based in Invercargill, Vision Southland is a monthly forum that focuses on the issues affecting our region and beyond. From economic development, to social issues, to environmental concerns, Vision Southland aims to talk to those in the know about important local issues.  Listen in every second week at 5.10pm straight after the Community News!


Radio without Pictures

The title is a nod to the 70s-80s television show that celebrated a diverse range of music – much of which wasn’t mainstream. In this radio show host Darren Ludlow examines a mix of mainstream and off-beat tracks and matches them with facts and trivia,  reflections from life and a career in broadcasting. The show airs 6-9pm on Mondays and repeats Thursdays from 9-11pm.


space odditiespng

Space Oddities 

Space Oddities is an astronomy show, brought to you by Mike Bailey and Rachael Louise. It features “What’s in the sky this month?”, local astronomical events, space history, interviews with astronomy experts, and updates of the latest international space news! If you’re a hardwired space nerd, or are interested in astronomy, this is the show for you! Space Oddities airs at 9.30pm on Mondays. You can find out more & follow star charts & rocket launches at


Blind Spot
Blind Spot is a programme produced by the Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand – Southland Branch (ABC). The ABC is a blind consumer organization established by blind people in 1945. Their programme focuses on issues relating to blind and vision impaired people. Blind Spot is sponsored by SBS Bank and plays from 9-9.15am on the fourth Tuesday of every month.



Sixties Sensations
Peter Miller hosts this wonderful two hour trip down a musical memory lane as he revisits the vibrant (and sometimes almost forgotten) songs and sounds of the sixties. He mixes in some wonderful memories of life in Invercargill and Southland during those years. Peter also adds his own twist with some recreations of sixties hits with his own keyboards. Give him a call for requests or dedications – Sixties Sensations goes to air 12.30-2.30pm on Tuesdays.

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Old Folks At Home
Sit back, relax and reminisce with Peter Miller as he plays all your old-time favourites. He welcomes your requests and dedications, which can be sent to the station. Old Folks At Home plays on Tuesdays from 3-5pm and replays on Sundays 7-9pm.



Number 10

Each week the crew from Number 10 come up with a revolving set of young people guest starring on the Number 10 Radio Show. Tune in for laughs, games, and serious chat with youth about youth issues. This show airs on Tuesdays at 5.30pm!


2 Fast 2 Pass

Hi – I’m Dylan Goulding, I’m 18 and based in Riverton. I admire films and favour watching them in my spare time. Music is enjoyable and drives me to complete anything that is thrown in my way. My show 2 Fast 2 Pass features a discussion section called #Indepth. In this section I review albums from most music genres and discuss films – whether it is film franchises, singular films, or re-watchable films. I’m very open minded about music so different music genres can be heard on every show.  2 Fast 2 Pass airs on Tuesdays from 6-7pm, and has a replay 2-3pm on Sundays!


19145810_220674381773270_5150398592254382781_nSweet Dish

Hosted by Aditi Raj & Ketan Kumawat, Sweet Dish is a show for everyone, but with an international vibe. Aditi & Ketan cover a little bit of everything on their show, from music, to the joys of house-hunting, to the international student scene, to coffee & cake, to Hindi language. Tune in – Tuesdays from 7-9pm and on Fridays from 2-4pm. Their show’s Facebook page is:



A Day In The Life Of…

A Day In The Life Of… is a fortnightly show hosted by Gordon McKewen. It’s for people living with all sorts of disabilities, their friends, whanau and carers. Each episode features interviews from both lived experience and organisational perspectives. This show is broadcast each Wednesday at 9am, and is available via podcast. Follow the show on Facebook:



book show for web

The Book Show
Enjoy this half-hour tribute to the written, printed word. Listen for author interviews, news on the latest and up-coming releases, and reviews from our local book fans. Listen out Wednesday morning 10-10.30am (replayed 4pm Sundays).



Country Express with Noel Parry
The second longest running show on Radio Southland is Country Express, hosted by Noel Parry for nearly 12 years. Noel plays a real mix of traditional country, yodeling, bluegrass and country rock and has a loyal legion of dedicated country music followers in Southland, across New Zealand and also (thanks to live streaming) across the world. Country Express airs Wednesdays from 2.30-5.30pm.



S.O.A.R. with Jack

S.O.A.R. is a programme run by Nga Kete Matauranga Charitable Trust, and is aimed to better understand and grow awareness and knowledge around working alongside whanau with disabilities and to appreciate more fully the service options and needs they have to live full, enriched lives. Our resident sports fan Jack Lovett-Hurst hosts this weekly show on Wednesdays at 6.45pm, with a 1.45pm replay on Fridays!


Art is our Perception

Lyndal and Darren Ludlow take turns talking art and interview creative Southlanders. Arts covered include visual and performing – and maybe something new and groundbreaking. If you’re a creative, we’d love to have you on our show!

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First Word

First Word is the Southland District Council‘s news & information show. Tune in at 7.30 to find out what’s going on in the district, and what the council can do to help you! First Word airs every Wednesday at 7.30pm, and replays 9am Thursday mornings!



idea - for web

IDEA Radio Show
Southland IDEA clients (people with learning disabilities) produce their own radio show here – in fact they have been involved with programme making now for seven years. The show is an hour of popular music with people taking turns at announcing the songs and talking about their favourite things. Some have the ability to do technical tasks and others require a bit more help, but they all say their ‘radio’ hour is something they all really look forward to each week. IDEA Radio Show broadcasts weekly on Thursdays at 12.30pm – 1.30pm.


Wilson meme

WWW (World Wide Wilson)

Music and social commentary that gives a hint of what goes on in the mind of a teenager Pokemon hunting Manga reader, Marvel Universe fan and You Tuber Wilson Ludlow. The show airs 4-5pm on Thursdays.



Ben, Kim and friends talk honestly about life as a father – often from a single dad perspective, but also highlighting life as a step-father and natural father. This show features discussions on parenting, child support, Family Court, custody issues, and raising awesome kids! It airs at 5.30pm on Thursdays!



A Voice of Samoa

Faleauto is a NZ born Samoan trained in law. He presents A Voice of Samoa, which is a series about life in Samoa, political issues there, and being a dual citizen of NZ and Samoa. A Voice of Samoa airs on 6pm on Thursdays, and repeats Sundays at 10.30pm.



Lyricology is new on Radio Southland – hosted by local singer-songwriter Sarah Nicholson (Seralynne). Talking songwriting, creative writing tips, hit song analysis, and music industry, her aim is to help songwriters in the Southland community reach their full potential and learn new creative skills. Join Sarah as she dives into songwriting techniques, how to avoid writers block, storytelling, how to promote your music as an independent artist and much more! Every Thursday night between 6.30-7pm. You can follow Lyricology on Facebook – !


Leon profile pic

Ceol and Craic

Introducing Leon Hartnett – and his Irish themed show – Ceol & Craic! Each fortnight Leon brings you an hour of banter and music. Ceol & Craic airs at 7pm on Thursdays. Taitneamh a bhaint as! (Enjoy!)




InversOriginals with– Jay Sellwood
Jay Sellwood is a fizzing ball of energy whose focus is supporting and playing local Southland music on his show. Jay has a lively broadcast style and he really knows his stuff. On InversOriginals he showcases local music often with interesting background information about the artists and their songs. InversOriginals broadcasts live on Thursdays at 8.00 – 9.00pm.




Woman’s World
Woman’s World provides a politically active perspective on issues that affect women in the community. Presenters of the show have so far included Anne McCracken, Vanya Bailey and Lyn Devery. The show’s aimed at a wide cross section of the community and has a steady flow of different guests. It’s very informative. Women’s World broadcasts 9 – 9.15am on Fridays.


City Focus
The Invercargill City Council is always busy upgrading its services and implementing council bylaws and plans. But, listening to the councillors being interviewed about is the best way to get the message across about how their processes actually work. City Focus is one the stations longest running shows and on it, you can hear all the latest news from the Invercargill Council. City Focus broadcasts Fridays at 9.15 – 9.30am


Fraser FMFraser FM 

Emily Fraser brings you Fraser FM – a 15 minute show featuring her favourite tunes and commentary, brought from the perspective of a feisty gal living life to the full despite disability!




Calm Minds

Terry Lynch returns with Calm Minds – a show with advice, interviews and perspective for mental health consumers, their friends, workmates and families. Terry is a consumer himself, and also an advocate for other consumers. Terry is also a poet and you’ll often hear some of his works in the show. Calm Minds broadcasts Fridays at 4 – 4.30pm and replays on Sundays 4.30 – 5pm.


Smokey’s Supersounds

All the hard rock classics and more, Smokey dives deep into the analogue era to find classic bangers to play. Timeless tunes from the woodgrain age of music when rock ruled the radio. Funk, Singer-Songwriters, and Disco, can all be heard on Smokey’s Supersounds! This show airs at 6pm on Fridays and replays on Saturdays at 6pm.


Friday Night Live
If you want to get yourself set-up for a good Friday night out – or you’d just rather stay in and have a party at home, then check out Friday Night Live with Joshie Pask. He’s studied radio and now he wants to try and break some of the rules with some ‘out there’ humor and the latest party-time sounds. Keep an ear out for some of Joshie’s own special mixes too – he’s quite the DJ. Friday Night Live with Joshie Pask, 7 – 9pm on Friday nights (funnily enough).


Millsy Rocks
Rock and metal fans rejoice – experienced broadcaster Carl “Millsy” Mills finally gets to play his favourite music every week with his own show on Radio Southland. Thanks to United Video you can keep up to date with the latest entertainment information, plus there’s everything you need to know from the world of rock (and maybe some wrestling gossip too). Millsy Rocks plays every Friday from 9-11pm and is replayed on Saturdays from 8-10pm. Here’s hoping the studio speakers can cope!

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Sounds Easy with Peter Richardson
For a pleasant start to your Saturday morning Radio Southland suggests tuning into what is now our longest running live broadcast – Sounds Easy. Hosted by Peter Richardson, this is a wonderful mix of music from yesteryear, from motion picture musicals to light and lyrical classical music to classic radio comedy skits to help ease you into your weekend. Now into his twentieth year of producing Sounds Easy, Peter says he still thoroughly enjoys the experience of presenting his early morning programme. Sounds Easy, broadcasts Saturdays from 7.30 – 10.30am.


The Drift

The Drift is a show presented by Corbyn Shuttleworth –  a student at Southland Boys High School. Corbyn talks about his perspective on anything from sport to movies and entertainment and maybe even the odd current event. The music is eclectic retro. Tune up your engine and tune in to catch The Drift – 5pm Saturdays, with a replay on Mondays at 10pm! Here’s his Facebook page:



Peter Weatherall’s Jumping Jellybeans

Jumping Jellybeans is a weekly radio show for children, written, recorded and produced by Dr. Peter Weatherall. Peter is a children’s musician and writes all the songs for the show, but as a trained teacher is equally passionate about education. He tries to put content of real educational value into the songs – for example, covering the science and maths curriculum – to make learning fun and relevant for children. You can access and download material linked to the show, for example, videos, songs, lyrics, books and worksheets from the Jumping Jellybeans’ website: Jumping Jellybeans airs on Sundays, 8.45am, and replays 5.30pm on Wednesdays!



 Grinding Gears

Do you consider yourself a bit of a car fanatic? Love talking about everything from classic cars to the latest model out? Enjoy spending your Sundays watching motorsport? Then we’ve got a new show just for you! Join Pete & Aaron on Sundays at 5.30pm for Grinding Gears!

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NZ Access Radio Programmes:

Backporch Bluegrass – brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton. Using his own vast archive of CD’s and vinyl records, Paul produces ‘Back Porch Bluegrass’ , featuring a wide range of the genre’s best performers. The show includes tracks from the classic bands, the traditional stylists and contemporary groups as well as some ‘roots’ bluegrass, NZ and Australian bluegrass.

Musafir Hoon Yaaro – brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton. Musafir Hoon Yaaro is for all Indian students who are away from home.

Kapiti Gay – brought to you by Coast Access Radio. Tony hosts Kapiti Gay – Coast Access Radio’s programme for gay people and their friends & whanau.

Lesbian Community – brought to you by Wellington Access Radio. This programme has been providing a space for lesbians to ‘meet’, learn about and contribute to their community for over twenty years. Aimed at a full diversity of lesbians, gay women, queer women, takataapui women and whichever labels people choose for themselves; it is also listened to by others who enjoy the music and news on the programme.

Retro’spect – brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton. Retrospect is a weekly radio show and podcast of heady 60’s Garage Punk, presented by Phil Grey.

My Kind of Jazz – brought to you by Otago Access Radio. Each week Calder Prescott plays an hour selection of his favourite jazz numbers!

Jazz Brothers – brought to you by Coast Access Radio. Music from the exciting and unpredictable world of jazz presented by John Joyce. John presents an hour of Jazz, local, international, past and present, with the occasional guest thrown in!

Jalsa Fiji: brought to you by Plains FM in Christchurch. It’s time to party with Rajneeta, The Bad Boys and The Desi Boys on this Fiji Indian radio programme! Jalsa Fiji Radio comes to your ears on Radio Southland every Wednesday from 10.30am-12pm with plenty of music and and fun!

Say Mê Việt Nam –  Passionate Vietnam: brought to you by Otago Access Radio. Say Mê Việt Nam celebrates the culture and uniqueness of Vietnam through music, stories and language. Join Lien and Jayden every Wednesday at 12.30pm on Radio Southland as they feature special guests from Vietnam, New Zealand, and all parts of the globe.

Kabayan Radio: brought to you by Plains FM. Alfie, Edgar and Lily bring you up to date news and information for the Filipino community, and also showcase their vibrant music and culture. This show airs from 1-2pm on Radio Southland!

Being Healthy Naturally – brought to you by Otago Access Radio. Naturopath Francisca Griffin provides a guide to living well, with simple tips for positive change.

Collaborative Voices – brought to you by Wellington Access Radio. Collaborative Voices profiles community organisations and their people in a way that actively demonstrates how these organisations are working.

Pulse of Politics – brought to you by Otago Access Radio. Veteran journalist Neale McMillan hosts interviews, conversations and debate with leading political figures.

Safe & Sound – brought to you by Free FM in Hamilton. A show about animal welfare and rights. Sandra and Lynley cover animal welfare and rights and plant-based diet recipes and other issues related to our use of animals, including the environmental impacts of farming.

Paakiwaha – brought to you by Radio Waatea. Paakiwaha is an exciting weekly two hour current affairs program hosted by Willie Jackson and featuring topical national kaupapa from a Māori perspective.

Suzy & Friends – brought to you by Treehut Ltd. A show for young children, the Suzy & Friends team is made up of Suzy Cato, Trevor Plant, Phil Yule and Brent Holt, but a whole team of people help create each episode:, including Bryan & Bobby, Kids Just Like You, Joker of the week and the team from NZ On Air!

Mabuhay Radio Filipino: brought to you by Plains FM. The crew invite you to listen in for a range of guest interviews and music to entertain and inform our kabayans about a variety of topics to help you make a smooth transition to the Kiwi way of life. They also want to show off the talents and skills that Filipinos bring to New Zealand! So if you have an interest in Filipino culture and language, and want to hear information about settling in as migrants here – tune in and join Carlos and guests for an hour each Sunday from 9pm. They’d love to have your company!

Utter Football: brought to you by Arrow FM. The safe hands of ex-All White, Michael Utting, will keep you in touch with everything about the beautiful game, both here and internationally.

Gospel Miracle Time: brought to you by Planet FM. John Bayliss explores the Christian message with songs and talks about God’s love for humanity as revealed through Jesus Christ. There are thoughts here for those who are hurting, about the compassion of Jesus and ways to get right with God, along with prayers for those in need.

Bluesology – brought to you by Otago Access Radio in Dunedin. Come along for the ride as Tony Nielsen celebrates the music of blues legends!