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Featured interviews/temporary Podcasts

Download Page The Big Listen – Darren talks to Radio Southland Programme Makers.

Download Page Feature Interview 1 Into The East – Darren talks to Graeme and Liv about their new album and farewell tour.

Download Page Feature Interview 2 Southland Boer War Hero – Nev chats to historian Wayne Barrie about Southland Boer War Hero Archie Stockton

Download Page Feature Interview 3 Art in the City – Nev talks to Jeanette Malcolm about a series of workshops discussing proposals for a new art gallery in Invercargill’s CBD

Download Page Feature Interview 4 Daniel O’Donnell – Darren talks to Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell about his life and upcoming tour


Download Page A Literary Liaison Host – Catherine Taylor

Download Page A Voice of Samoa Host – Faleauto Simi Maua Taua

Download Page Art Is Our Perception Host – Lyndal and Darren Ludlow

Download Page Blind Spot Host – Carolyn Weston

Download Page Calm Minds Host – Terry Lynch

Download Page Citizens Advice Bureau Southland Host – Lyn Devery

Download Page City Focus Host – Nev Mac

Download Page Community News Host – Nev Mac

Download Page Fatherhood – Ben Temoananui

Download Page Goals with Soul Host – Carolyn Dean

Download Page Idea Services Hosts – Idea Service Users

Download Page InversOriginals Host – Jay Sellwood

Download Page Jacks Knowledge of Sport Host – Jack Lovett Hurst

Download Page Manic Monday Host – Stacey Taylor

Download Page Millsy Rocks Host – Carl (The Metal Man) Mills

Download Page National Council Of Woman Southland Host – NCWS Members

Download Page Not Just Another Radio Show Host – Simone Miller

Download Page Not Only But Also Host – Nev Mac

Download Page Number 10 Host – Number 10 Staff and Volunteers

Download Page Playlist Hosts – Darren Ludlow or Carl Mills

Download Page Radio Without Pictures Host – Darren Ludlow

Download Page Ria First Host – Ria Bond

Download Page Safer Communities Southland Host – NZ Police

Download Page Sixties Sensations Host – Peter Miller

Download Page Southland Community Law Centre Hosts – SCLC Staff

Download Page Talking In Circles Host – John Husband

Download Page TeaBrief Hosts – Kate Anna and Roz

Download Page Terry Toners Tuesday Tunes Host – Terry Toner

Download Page The Book Show Host – Nev and Terry

Download Page The Friday Morning Sporty Scotty Hour – Scott Crawford

Download Page Think Hole  – James and James

Download Page Whatever Happened to the Kiwi Dream? – Host Dr Liz Craig

Download Page World Wide Wilson Host – Wilson Ludlow

Download Page Yummy Mummies Hosts – Stacey and Kisha