Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus

Salt boys is two bros yarning about life and faith in order to bring out the best flavours in your life. We also play some sick jams. Join us for the Salt Boys Sunday lunch (midday Sunday) or the replay at 11am Tuesday on Radio Southland 96.4FM. Also on the book of faces

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Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus-13-10-2019
Cam and Marcus spontaneously yap about spontaneity and have their first ever guest on the show! Spoiler - his name rhymes with Paniel Derkins!

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Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus-06-10-2019
Cam and Marcus are feeling pretty optimistic about this episode. So much so that they're talking about just that! Optimism! They also have some fun segments and enjoy a range of optimistic songs!

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Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus-29-09-2019
Cam and Marcus make a 'Patchwork Quilt of Reflection' this episode, where they reflect on different aspects of the CAMA (Community Access Media Alliance) conference that Marcus recently attended. They discuss some things Marcus learnt at the Wellness and Creativity workshops (spoiler alert, they end up talking about wellness most of the time! 😂)

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Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus-22-09-2019
What do you want to be when you grow up? Gulp. Finding a purpose and vocation for your life is no walk in the park, despite what Grandad Frank, your school Careers Counsellor, and that random at your parent's social function seems to think. So Marcus and Cam attempt to shed some light on ways to figure yourself and your future out.

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Salt Boys - Cam and Marcus-15-09-2019
Cam and Marcus think they're pretty great friends, so on this episode, they talk about Millennials and Friendship! What friendship looks like for many young people, what it could look like, and how we can get better at making and being good friends. They also play music from the likes of AURORA, Jon Bellion, and more!

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