Other Side Of The MIC - Episode 2 - Peter Richardson!

The second programme maker to feature on Other Side Of The MIC is Peter Richardson, host of 'Sounds Easy' - a live 3 hour show from 7.30-10.30am every Saturday.

Peter is the longest standing host we have at Radio Southland, with an impressive and devoted 25 years of weekly shows. Sounds Easy is a mix of classical, operatic, jazz, swing and other genres, with light commentary. Rach sits down with him to talk about how the radio industry - and Radio Southland - have evolved over those years. What brought him to share his musical picks with us? He also weighs in on the relevance of these genres to younger generations, and on the future of classical music on air in New Zealand! You can listen to this episode here, and don't forget to check back in a fortnight for the next programme maker spotlight!

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