New! Our Access Internet Radio App has landed!

Thanks to NZ On Air and Firecrest, we now have our very own app – so head to Google Play or the App Store and download Access Internet Radio NZ. Now you can have your favourite shows at your fingertips day and night, in your car, in your headphones, wherever and whenever you want!
This app is a collaboration between 10 Access Radio Stations across New Zealand, and the Radio Reading Service, to bring community-created content directly to you!
As well as being able to access Radio Southland’s shows, you can also browse & listen to content from:
Access Radio Taranaki 104.4 FM, Coast Access Radio, Free FM, Fresh FM, Manawatu People’s Radio, OAR FM Dunedin – Community Access Media, Radio Kidnappers, and the Radio Reading Service!
So head to Google Play & App Store and download today!

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