The Big Listen – coming this August

Throughout August 2016, Radio Southland will be taking part in The Big Listen, a nationwide campaign to celebrate Community Access Radio services in New Zealand.

Station Manager Darren Ludlow said he is excited about the opportunities The Big Listen offers.

“The campaign will raise awareness in our communities about the incredible services the nation’s Access stations provide to get our communities on air, to get their voices heard.”

There are 12 community access radio stations in New Zealand, with Radio Southland serving the majority of the Southland community.  Each station provides the facilities, training and infrastructure to enable citizens to make their own radio. In so doing, access radio stations are both broadcasters and community facilitators.

“So Access Radio stations don’t make the programmes – the people do”, Darren said.

“As a result, what’s aired reflects the diversity and vibrancy of our communities.  It’s lively, rich, passionate and enthralling radio.”

Throughout the Big Listen month, each station will celebrate their programme makers, sponsors and supporters through special audio content, events and happenings.  “The stations are in the planning stages at the moment, and I’m excited about the ideas that are bubbling up,” Darren said.

“I definitely recommend that people stay tuned!”

The Big Listen website is in development, as well as a logo, both of which are expected to revealed in May.  The Big Listen Facebook page is live,, and Lucy Cooper, national coordinator of the campaign, encourages people to come and like it, and like the Access Radio station in their area.   “Facebook is a great place for people to get started with their support for their local station and The Big Listen campaign”, she says, “The page will be as vibrant as the stations and communities involved, with information about Access Radio, the services we provide, and the events that will be taking place during the campaign month.”

The Big Listen will be launched in August 2016 and run for the whole month.  Come and explore your local Access Radio Station, Radio Southland on 96.4FM or via online streaming on

TBL SouthlandFor more information about The Big Listen, contact Darren Ludlow at Radio Southland or Lucy Cooper on 0210 22 11 414 or email

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