Into The East LIVE on Radio Southland

Radio Southland is proud to announce a special one-off live performance from award-winning duo Into The East from our studios this Sunday evening.

Into The East are in the midst of a campaign through the on-line music promotion agency where the group with the highest number of public votes during the month of February wins a $10,000 prize – money the duo plan to use to record a follow-up to their debut album “Fight from the inside” (which was recorded in Radio Southland’s studios).

The show will be broadcast from 6 pm on Sunday February 21st.

Station Manager Darren Ludlow says the station is keen to do whatever it can to help the duo and idea of a live show came late in the evening while he was online voting for them on ArtistSignal.

“My thought was – what if we had a really intimate concert – for five or six people the group could invite as a way of saying thanks for the commitment they’ve made to voting so far, and we made that concert available as a live stream via our website, so fans of Into The East everywhere could tune in and enjoy,” he said.

“Hopefully we can also make a podcast of the performance available a couple of days later for people to download and enjoy again, or catch up if they missed it the first time.”

“I put the idea to Graeme Woller and Liv McBride and they were really keen – but we had to act quickly, as they’re also in the midst of a nationwide “Arts on Tour” gig. They play at Queens Park on Sunday and while they’re scheduled to come in for an interview on Monday morning, they head off back out of town that same day,” he said.

“It was this Sunday night or nothing – and nothing wasn’t an option. The show will be a short acoustic set, a little over half an hour, to showcase their talents and great music and increase awareness of their ArtistSignal campaign. Those who have been voting regularly need thanks and encouragement to continue, and hopefully we can attract some new voting support too,” Darren said.

The show will be broadcast on Radio Southland 96.4FM (in the Southland market only), but available as a live stream via the website simply by clicking on any of the “On Air” icons.

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