Radio Southland offers a different breakfast

Radio Southland will once again have a breakfast show from this Monday (October 13th).

The Crave Rave Breakfast” will be hosted by Jake Topi, a former SBHS students and graduate of the New Zealand Radio School in Tauranga.

The show will air from 7-9am Mondays to Fridays and feature music from the Dance/Electronic/Dub/Alternative/Reggae genres, along with entertainment, gossip and even the odd giveaway.

Station Manager Darren Ludlow said he was pleased Radio Southland could now offer breakfast programming that was a genuine alternative to what is available locally at present.

“There will be some who will miss the BBC World programming during those hours, but as an Access Radio Station our focus has to be what is happening in our local community. BBC World will still run from midnight until 7am,” he said.

“We haven’t run a breakfast show for a few years now, and there wasn’t really a point in doing it unless it was genuinely something different – something our market doesn’t have. While some of those youth music streams are catered for by the commercial networks, the styles Jake will feature are not part of their programming.”

“Additionally, the youth market does have a couple of streams from the commercial sector, but they don’t have a Southland perspective, and that’s what we hope Jake will bring with The Crave Rave Breakfast,” he said.

“He may rattle a few cages, but hopefully not too hard. There’s nothing wrong with having an edge – but we will also be mindful of what is good taste for Jake’s target audience. Our different shows on Radio Southland target a wide variety of listeners. Not everything is for everyone, and we accept that. The Crave Rave Breakfast will be no different, and is a welcome addition to the selection of programmes we offer,” Darren said.

For the past week and a half Radio Southland has been running hour-long samples of what Jake intends to offer and the feedback has been positive from people who like those genres. The Crave Rave Breakfast also has its own Facebook page – check it out and keep up to date with what Jake has planned.

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