Two Country Shows become one

Radio Southland’s two premiere country shows are merging to become one.

“Noel’s Country Express” and “Southern First Play” are both hosted by Southland country music advocate and long-time broadcaster Noel Parry, but from later this month they will merge into the one show.

Station Manager Darren Ludlow said the change came at the request of Mr Parry as the programme maker.

“This is Noel’s suggestion and reflects where he wants to take his shows. I also think many people don’t realise how much work goes on to prepare each of these shows each week – it’s a real time commitment,” Mr Ludlow said.

“Noel’s Country Express” broadcasts Wednesdays from 2.30 until 5.30pm, while “Southern First Play” currently broadcasts Thursdays from 9.30am until 12.30pm.

Mr Ludlow says the focus of “Southern First Play” was to expose new music in the country genre, but this will become a feature of the “Country Express” show as it continues.

Mr Ludlow said there will be many listeners disappointed that “Southern First Play” is coming to an end, but he respected Mr Parry’s wishes to see this change happen.

The final episode of “Southern First Play” will be on Thursday July 17th; while the new merged “Country Express” programme will go to air from 2.30pm on Wednesday July 23rd with the continued sponsorship of Avenal Park Funeral Home.

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