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An exciting new storytelling show premieres on Radio Southland at 7pm this evening.

“Remembering the dead” is a collection of stories drawn from the history of Karamea, and is written and produced by former Southlander Jordan Reyne, now living in Europe.

“Remembering the dead” has been produced as an audio-book series, but because of Jordan’s Southland roots she has agreed to make the recordings available for airplay on Radio Southland.

Station Manager Darren Ludlow says the station is excited to be able to present this material.

“It will only be available to those listening to Radio Southland live – either on 96.4FM or via our stream. Because Jordan sells this series as an audio-book it will not be available as a podcast,” he said.

Each episode is about 40 minutes long.

It’s a mix of actual fact and fiction, and is set up as ghost story, set in a forest where the undead walk at night, desperate to tell their tales to the living, lest they be forgotten. The main character is a gravedigger, send in the employ of History to find out about the early settlers in the Karamea area, which was (true fact) a “special settlement” that went somewhat badly because the land was largely unfarmable and led to a lot of hardship.
The gravedigger is being tracked by a ghost of her own though, and he tries to make sure she cant get her work done.

There are a lot of tales involved that are passed down from the direct descendants of the settlers in the tale, as well as the obvious fictional element of the undead forest 😉 It’s not gorey or horrific at all, more like literary fiction with an element of the supernatural that seems plausible because of the philosophy involved.

Those interested in keeping a permanent copy can subscribe to the audio-books through Patreon ( for as little as $US1 and keep up top date (and slightly ahead of the Radio Southland broadcasts).

Jordan Reyne also produces music and performs and tours throughout Europe regularly. More details on her are available from:

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