“Yummy Mummies” on Radio Southland

The tricky issue of teen parenthood and being a young parent will be the subject around which a new Radio Southland show will be based.

The show, “Yummy Mummies”, will debut on Tuesday May 14th at 2.30pm and be repeated on Thursdays at 7.30pm, and will be hosted by two vibrant young women going through this experience – Amy Bell and Kisha Laven.

The project has been coordinated by Tina McColgan who first met these inspirational young ladies while working on assignment through Vodafone at the Murihiku Young Parents Learning Centre (MYPLC) – a teen parenting unit based in Invercargill where young parents or pregnant teens can continue their education in an atmosphere supportive of their needs.

It didn’t taken long after meeting with Station Manager Darren Ludlow to decide these young women had a lot to offer, and there would be real value in putting together a radio show around their experiences.

“These are amazing women – they’ve battled adversity, prejudice, discrimination and an endless array of obstacles, but they’re still positive, smart and want to share their experiences with others,” Darren said.

“Their aim is that other young people may learn from them – perhaps that pregnancy and being a young parent isn’t the glamorous experience some young people may think it is, or – if they’ve gone through this themselves – that they’re not alone.”

“Amy and Kisha are incredibly bright women, each with an amazing story to tell, and it’s one that’s not only relevant to people in Southland, but right around Aotearoa New Zealand – they should be proud! Certainly Tina and I are delighted to help them realise this project, have some fun, but also to help and support others,” Darren said.

“Yummy Mummies” is a positive term that reflects the beauty of motherhood.

The show, and subsequent episodes, will all be available as podcasts from our website – radiosouthland.org.nz from mid-May.

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