Lifestyle changes and challenges – Darren

I’m now into week three of the “Born to Lose” programme organised by Linda Howard.

It is a mixture of exercise and a new diet regime, and is a good “kick in the lifestyle pants” needed at my time of life.

I’d started cycling again after recovering from spinal surgery a couple of years ago, but busy times in the past 12 months had seen that exercise slip a bit. Added to that there has been a change in my diabetes which meant I had gained weight.

All good things must come to an end, and I agreed, along with three others, to be “celebrity” participants in Linda’s programme. What’s the worst that could happen?

There’s a bit of negotiation with Linda, as this is the first time she’s had to monitor the diet of someone with diabetes. Normally her diet is heavy on protein with fewer carbohydrates…but as a diabetic I need those carbs on a regular basis. It’s been a little bit of a trial, but I think we’re getting there.

In week one I really struggled with the exercise. I did it – 45 minutes a day, one day at an hour, and a day off – but it hurt. I struggled to get into it…and then there was the diet. I’d reduced my food intake and as a result felt hungry. No surprise. The disappointment came at my first weigh-in and I’d gained a kilo. Sheesh!

Week two and the exercise had become less of a burden – in fact, I didn’t mind it so much at all. The food was the problem. I sinned…and on more than one occasions too. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re in a series of meetings and get provided with lunch or afternoon tea and seldom is the food appropriate. I ate it though, and shouldn’t have. My call, and I felt bad.

I was more than a little surprised to discover I’d lost weight at my second weigh in. Not much – but it was better than the previous week. Lynda and I discussed some diet tweaks, so we will see how they go over the next week.

It’s small steps. That’s my theory. There’s a lot to change, and I can’t expect to make massive changes all at once, but I can continue to make progress on each change and that’s what I will do.

I’m not expecting to win the ‘challenge’ – but if I’ve trimmed the tummy back and reduced my “moobs” I’ll be much happier (and healthier).

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